PKMN 3" Waterproof Stickers

$3.00 - $24.00
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PKMN 3" Waterproof Stickers

[Waterproof Stickers] PKMN Stickers

The full set does not include seasonal designs of Glaceon or Gengar!

Sport these emblems on your water bottle or notebooks! These 3" waterproof stickers are printed and hand-cut from vinyl. These stickers are durable on most surfaces and can be removed easily. Their hardy material may not curve to very slim water bottles. They're still good if you decide to move them around (removing them may wrinkle the edges, so peel off carefully if you intend to re-use)!

Stickers ordered independently will be shipped without tracking with 1 USPS stamp and card-stock to prevent bending.

These stickers were produced with multiple print makers, so the finish and style may vary, and some stickers now feature a peel tab.