"Cyber Security" Omamori

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"Cyber Security" Omamori

4cm x 6cm Woven Omamori Amulet (12" lead string)

This omamori grants protection on the worldwide web!

In Japan, purchasing an Omamori is a donation to the Buddhist or Shinto shrine from where it was made, and they serve as tokens of patronage while also benefiting the patron. Omamori are used as good luck or protection charms, and different charms will promote goodness in different subjects. From business luck to finding love, there's an Omamori for it because modern problems sometimes require traditional solutions. The absorption of bad luck (as opposed to just deflecting bad luck) is a defining characteristic of Omamori. If your Omamori ever gets lost or damaged, it has done its job to protect you from something bad.

You can fill your Omamori with anything - stones, notes, flowers, tea leaves - something special before tying it up! It comes with a bit of fluff stuffed in already.