UK Shoppers

Status: Not Accepting UK Orders Currently

Due to the recently instated UK VAT tax policies, we can no longer offer shipping or sales to the UK from this website. This is due to the overzealous responsibilities placed on foreign sellers to register with the UK government. You may find that many other sellers are unable to offer UK sales as well, but you can still shop on marketplace platforms such as Etsy (or Patreon), where UK VAT taxes are collected on behalf of the seller.

In order to purchase our products, you will need to visit our Etsy and select the REQUEST CUSTOM ORDER button. It is located above the contact shop owner button. The Etsy store appears empty so you must follow these directions. Please enter the following information in the custom order's prompt box:

  • Contact Email
  • Name of Recipient
  • Street Address
  • Apartment/Unit Number (if applicable)
  • City, ZIP Code
  • Country (United Kingdom)
  • List the products and quantities you wish to purchase.
  • Include the Patreon monthly discount code if you are a Patron.

Arranging this custom order means you understand and accept the possibility that we may be unable to include certain items or higher quantities, depending on availability. I do have reserves for some SOLD OUT items specifically for UK Shoppers, so please include an inquery in your Etsy message. Once you submit the request, an email will be sent to you containing the link and confirming the products included in your order. We can correspond over email ([email protected]) or Etsy if there are details that need to be resolved. Be aware that shipping is between $8 - $15 to the UK ($1 for sticker-only orders)! Please be prepared for the cost of your order before submitting a custom order request. Due to the extra steps required to arrange an order, the processing time may be longer than usual.