"Infinite Potential" - Embroidered Patch

$12.00 - $20.00
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"Infinite Potential" - Embroidered Patch

3" Iron-On Embroidered Patch

In celebration of Pride Month every month, these colorful patches raise funds towards the Trevor Project and Okra Project. Over $3,000 was donated between both organizations in 2021 thanks to all the friends who collected this patch!

These fully embroidered patches features heat seal backings and die-cut edges. The threads have an amazing reflective quality that really makes the textures and colors POP!

Embroidered patches are great for collecting unique artwork that can be worn on jackets, bags, and hats. They can also be pinned to boards and saved for eye-candy purposes. Decorate your denim with these professionally cute character badges!

Iron-on patches can be applied to surfaces using a household iron, fabric glue, or by hand sewing. Choose the method most comfortable to you. There are many accessible online guides for beginners to follow. Be safe when using a hot iron!