River Spirit Enamel Pins [Standard Grade]

$16.00 - $45.00
River Spirit Enamel Pins [Standard Grade]

[Hard Enamel Pins] River Spirit

These 3" zinc alloy pins are hard enamel style with 2 back-posts and an artist back-stamp. The width is 3" for each design and features screenprint details. Enamel pins are great for collecting small artwork that can be dawned on quark boards, jackets, or backpacks! Guard your summer with the river spirit guide.

This listing is for standard grade pins, meaning the pin has no clear flaws or flaws are minimal. These flaws may include a soft scuff on the metal and small pocks in the enamel, though they are minor. Enamel may not be perfectly filled under close inspection, and screenprint details may have one small chip. Add them to your collector's board!

The classic and sakura variants are gold plated, and the underwater variant is silver.

Pins come packed in a protective bag in a kraft mailer without backing cards.