GASHAPON! Water Patches [Series 1]

$1.00 - $60.00
GASHAPON! Water Patches [Series 1]

[Embroidered Sticker Patch] 2" Random Chance Patches

The Series 1 patches include six water-types, plus their shiny forms, for a total of twelve designs. The shiny forms have a 1:5 ratio to their classic counterparts!

This listing is separate and only includes the Series 1 patches, so play for the Series 2 patches to complete your collection.

Want to watch your lucky plays on stories or reels? Include the Instagram add-on in your order with your desired amount of plays, and write your Instagram username in the order notes! Video add-ons missing usernames will still be uploaded. Videos will be published on Instagram before your order is delivered and comes with a small gift, if the video cannot be recorded on time.

Rather keep your rolls a secret? Gashapon plays without the video add-on will be shipped without seeing the patches!

These patches are 2" at the longest side with sticker adhesive backs, meaning you can put them on clothes or any smooth surface. They can be cleanly removed and reapplied. However, I don't recommend applying them to clothes that get washed heavily, as the glue will soften over time and may lose its grip to the fabric. If that happens, the patch can be applied to other surfaces, because the glue is still resilient. Or it can be reinforced onto the clothes with fabric glue.

There may be a chance for duplicates!